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[James F. Dimitriou, Ph.D.] [Bullet] Curriculum Vitae — CV / Resume [in Adobe PDF Format]

[Bullet] Dr. James F. Dimitriou is the Program Director for the "Journey to Greece," Travel Study Program in Athens for the University of Indianapolis and the Order of Ahepa. Dimitriou re-activated this program for young, college age students to study abroad in Greece in the Summer of 2006

Past Supreme President, Dr. James F. Dimitriou has served the Order of AHEPA, Hellenism and the Greek American Community in a variety of areas over many years. He has served the National AHEPA as past Chairman of the Educational Foundation, the Chairman of the Cyprus & Hellenic Affairs Committee as well as serving the Supreme Lodge as president (2003-2004), vice president, secretary), treasurer and governor.

Dr. James F. Dimitriou was elevated to the Order of Saint Andrew of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople with the ancient title of Archon Notarios, in 2004.

Dr. Dimitriou is a noted educator and scholar on Greek American studies. Dimitriou is an adjunct professor of global studies in the School of Education at USC. He teaches in a variety of staff training and professional development programs . As the faculty advisor to the national award wining Model United Nations, he was chosen by the "UN 50 Project" as one of the 50 Americans to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter in June 1996. In 1999, Vice President Gore honored his award winning Internet Project for students, as the most used in the country. Dimitriou is a noted scholar, federal grant recipient and author in Greek American ethnographical studies including his extensive works on the Greek Community and his award winning film, "The Greeks of Los Angeles." Dimitriou's many contributions to education include being named to the LA Bicentennial Commission and speakers bureau. He was a noted contributor for the B'nai Brith's, Anti-Defamation League project, "A World of Difference." His career is highlighted by many honors as both an Outstanding Educator and Mentor Teacher. He has served as president of faculty associations; a Japanese Business Association honoree; the Los Angeles County Leadership Commission, and the recipient of several local, state and federal grants and awards. Many of Dimitriou's historical photos and contributions of Greek Americans are in the archives of Ellis Island as well as the "Shades of LA" collection in the centennial project for the Los Angeles Library.

Dimitriou earned his Doctorate in International Studies at USC, where he also earned two master's degrees and administrative credentials. In addition he has served as the Director of the "European Odyssey" Study Travel Program for 21 years. He has served as an instructor and consultant to the Pacific Rim Project, Global Studies Program and to many other university programs in global and international education. He is the coordinator of the Journey to Greece, study travel program at the University of Indianapolis campus in Athens, Greece.

Dimitriou is a co-founder of the Greek Heritage Society; former President of American Hellenic Institute, Los Angeles; former Executive Director of the Axios Foundation for Worthiness; veteran of several years on the St. Katherine's parish council; long time President of the Marmarinon Society; and has served on several boards and councils for the church. He is a 37-year member of the South Bay Order of AHEPA Chapter #426, Redondo Beach, CA.

Dimitriou is the father of Kara Sultana born in 1989, and Franguli Dimitri born in 1992. His parents were pioneer members of the AHEPA Family and the Marmarinon Society. In 1904 his Grandfather "Capitaneos Rallis" opened the first Greek Caffeneon in Los Angeles, "The Acropolis Cafe". His current efforts are centered on promoting the study of Greece and Western Civilization throughout the curriculum of our public schools. His work includes, contributing to children's books and computer programs, and consulting in projects to promote Hellenism and Western Civilization in our schools. Over 450,000 students have used Dimitriou's children's book, "Faces of Greece". The educational web site has been used by over 20,000 schools all over the world.

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