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Greek Historical Calendar courtesy of Dr. James F. Dimitriou
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January Event
January 1The Feast Day of St. Basil the Great
January 6Epiphany
January 7The Feast Day of St. John the Baptist
January 8Blessing of the Waters, Epiphany celebrated
January 17The Feast Day of St. Anthony
January 23, 1949President Truman Loans Presidential Plane to Archbishop Athenagoras to fly to Constantinople to become Ecumenical Patriarch
January 24, 1946Ahepa Hospital Project in Greece
January 21, 1929Ahepa Hesperia Chapter #152 formed in Los Angeles
January 21, 1947San Bernardino Greek Orthodox Community incorporated
January 30, 1930League of Nations Population Exchange where Greece receives 1.3 million refugees
January 30The Feast Day of the Three Hierarchs

February Event
February 3, 1926Sons of Pericles Founded
February 6, 1929Ahepa's first Congressional Banquet
February 14, 1947St. Barbara Church is formed in Santa Barbara, California
February 17, 1958St. Katherine's first Liturgy is celebrated in Redondo Beach, California
February 21, 1885Washington Monument Dedicated with Cornerstone of Marble from Greece
February 21, 1909Omaha, Nebraska Riot Drives 1200 Greeks out of town
February 26, 1931Archbishop Athenagoras Enthroned
February 28, 1927Greek Orthodox Church of San Diego is incorporated

March Event
March 3, 1894"Atlantis" first Greek-American Newspaper, Published in New York City
March 3, 1929Ahepa Patrol march in Inaugural Parade for President Herbert Hoover
March 4, 1891Lucas Lilitiades Miller, first Greek elected to Congress (in Wisconsin)
March 5, 1928Alexander Pantages opens his first Movie Theater
March 7, 1947Dodecanese Islands returned to Greece
March 11, 1932Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes an Ahepan
March 11The Feast Day of St. Theodore
March 12, 834 A.D.Sunday of Orthodoxy, Icons are restored by Empress Theodora
March 14, 1948First Ahepa Health center Dedicated in Greece
March 19, 1919Greek Ladies Benevolent Society of Los Angeles is founded
March 23, 1929GAPA (Greek American Progressive Association) Chapter "Thession" formed in Los Angeles
March 24, 1984Greek-Americans in the Arts and Entertainment founded
March 25, 1821Greek Independence Day
March 25, 1943"Greek Day" proclaimed by Red Cross
March 25, 1946President Truman joins the Ahepa
March 25Annunciation of the Theotokos
March 30, 1967Hellenic Society of Constantinople founded

April Event
April 1, 1959Archbishop Iakovos Enthroned
April 2, 1915The "National Herald" (Ethnikos Kyrix) is published in New York City
April 8, 1951Goya Founded
April 13, 12044th Crusade captures Constantinople
April 14, 1528Don Theodoros, first Greek to arrive in New World (see October 1, 1528)
April 23The Feast Day of St. George
April 24, 1915Armenian Martyrs Day Commemorationg the 1.5 million killed by the Turks
April 26, 1918Greek Americans sell a record $10 million in Liberty Bonds

May Event
May 4, 1968Ahepa New Smyrna Monument dedicated on 200th Anniversary of 1st Hellenic Settlement in America
May 6, 1919Greek forces land in Smyrna under allied escort.
May 11, 1922Greek Orthodox Church in America proclaimed an Archdiocese.
May 13, 1883George Papanicolaou's birthday, discoverer of "Pap Smear" test.
May 20, 194120,000 Nazi parachutists with 600 planes invade Crete.
May 21The Feast Day of Sts. Constantine and Helen
May 27, 1947Truman Doctrine sending aid to Greece begins
May 29, 1453"Black Tuesday," Constantinople falls to the Turks.
May 29, 1963Ahepa Truman Memorial dedicated in Athens.

June Event
June 9, 1904Greek Benevolent Society of Los Angeles formed
June 14, 1909Greek community of Los Angeles formed
June 17, 1979Ahepa St. Basils Hall for Boys
June 25, 1955St. Nicholas Church incorporated in Northridge, California
June 26, 1768"New Smyrna" Florida, first Greek Colony in the New World.
June 27, 1917Greece enters World War I
June 27, 1979Sts. Constantine and Helen Church incorporated in Solano Beach, California
June 29The Feast Day of Sts. Peter & Paul

July Event
July 2, 1917Greece declares war on Central Powers
July 5, 1930Maids of Athena founded.
July 15, 1907Riots against Greek owned shops in Roanoke, Virginia
July 17, 12034th crusade storms Constantinople
July 17, 1912Saint Marina Day, also Icarian Independence Day.
July 18, 1972Ecumenical Patriarch, Dimitrios I enthroned
July 20, 1974Turkish Army invades and occupies Cyprus
July 26, 1922The Order of Ahepa was founded in Atlanta, Georgia
July 29, 1984First Greek, Alex Spanos, to buy a professional football team (San Diego Chargers).

August Event
August 1, 1970Ahepan, Jim Londos becomes World Wrestling Champion
August 7, 196543rd Ahepa Supreme Convention is held in Athens for the first time.
August 11, 1828Lt. General George Jarvis, first American to join the Greek War of Independence
August 15Dormition of Virgin Mary
August 15, 1909Founding of the Marmarinon Benevolent Society of Afthoni in Los Angeles
August 15, 1949Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Long Beach, California opens
August 17, 1941Ahepa hosts first Pan Hellenic Congress
August 26, 1930George Dilboy Monument dedicated in Somerville, MA
August 29, 1928Ypsilanti Statue dedicated in Michigan
August 29The Commemoriation of the beheading of St. John the Baptist

September Event
September 1, 1778John Geannopoulos builds oldest wooden school house in St. Augustine, Florida
September 4, 1983Upland Church in Redlands formed
September 7, 1974Hellenic American Council (Save Cyprus Council) Founded
September 8Nativity of the Theotokos
September 9, 1922The "Great Catastrophe," the fall of Smyrna to the Turks
September 10, 1920First Greek School opened in Los Angeles
September 11, 1985Greek Heritage Society of Southern California founded
September 14Exhaltation of the Holy Cross
September 19, 1842Constantinos Brumidi, the Michaelangelo of the Capitol, paints the dome and murals of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.
September 25, 1922Chapter of the Order of Ahepa, Atlanta, Georgia
September 27, 1952St. Sophia Cathedral opens in Los Angeles
September 27, 1926Greek Ladies Soceity of Los Angeles formed

October Event
October 1, 1528Don Theodoros birthday, first Greek in New World (see April 14, 1528)
October 2, 1991Death of Patriarch Dimitrios I
October 5, 1799First Greek church wedding in New Orleans
October 9, 1492John Griego, Greek sailor with Columbus
October 10, 1592Juan De Fuca (Yiannis Flokas) discovers Straits with his name in Vancouver
October 12, 1921Eleftherios Venizelos vacations in Santa Barbara, California
October 12, 1973St. Nectarios Church in Covina, California celebrates its first liturgy
October 14, 1923First Ahepa Supreme Convention in Atlanta, Georgia
October 18, 1912Greece enters the Balkan War
October 20, 1827Battle of Navarino, Greek fleet defeats the Turks and wins independence
October 22, 1991Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomaios I enthroned
October 23The Feast Day of St. Iakovos (James)
October 26, 1912Greek army recaptures Salonika
October 26The Feast Day of St. Dimitrios
October 28, 1940"Oxi Day," Greeks say "No" to Italians fascist invaders.
October 28, 1942Ahepa war bond drive

November Event
November 1, 1948Archbishop Athenagoras named Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople
November 8, 1940Greek War Relief Association Founded by Spyros Skouras
November 14, 1977St. Paul's Church founded in Irvine, California
November 13The Feast Day of St. John Chrysostom
November 16, 1929The Daughters of Penelope formed in San Francisco, California
November 16, 1912600 Greeks parade in downtown Los Angeles in support of Greece in the Balkan Wars
November 25The Feast Day of St. Katherine
November 30The Feast Day of St. Andrew

December Event
** December 1, 1944Ahepa sells record $162 or $500 million in war bonds.
December 1, 1948Valley Hellenic Society formed
December 4, 1981Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce founded
December 4The Feast Day of St. Barbara
December 6The Feast Day of St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra
December 7, 1965Great Schism ends with mutual lifting of excommunications by Patriarch Atheegoras and Pope Paul VI
December 17, 1923GAPA, Greek American Progressive Association formed.
December 18, 180357 Greek women fell to their deaths at Zalongou, Epiros rather than fall to hands of the Turks.
December 20, 1932National Philoptochos formed
December 27The Feast Day of St. Stephen, First Martyr
December 29, 1917Record number of Greek Americans (25%) enlist in the U.S. Army in World War I
December 29, 1984Pan Macedonian Association formed
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