"In a time when we need a calm and collected voice, when we need someone who understands that AHEPA's mission is undergoing a dramatic change, when we need someone to meet the challenges of the 3rd and 4th generations of Greek-Americans, there is no one better qualified than Jim Dimitriou. He is a consensus builder, who has the ability to encourage dialogue, without imposing his ego. It is critical for AHEPA to get the input from the entire community to not only grow, but to prosper. This is not a time for more awards and monuments, it is a time for programs to encourage the maintenance of "Hellenism" with our Greek-American community. There is no better candidate to implement this than James Dimitriou."

George Veras
Veras Communications

"I hereby declare, on behalf of our community, our enthusiastic support for
Dr. James F. Dimitriou
Candidate for the position of
Supreme President of the Order of Ahepa
And a dedicated and devoted steward of
Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church
Redondo Beach, California
And having been a member from the inception of the community
And having served on the Parish Council
And having his children active in Sunday School,
Greek Language School, Greek Dance School,
Altar Boys and the Holy Order of the Myrrh Bearers
I humbly offer our heartfelt prayers for his election
To serve Orthodox Christians in America
And Justice for the people of Cyprus
Based on his outstanding record of service
In all of his offices that he has held
in the Order of Ahepa

In the name of Jesus Christ
Our Risen Lord, God, and Savior"


Rev. Father Michael K. Courey
Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church
Redondo Beach, California

"I am pleased to endorse the candidacy of Jim Dimitriou for Supreme President of the Order of Ahepa.

Jim has been consistently dedicated to the purposes and programs of Ahepa always keeping the benefits to the fraternity foremost in his agenda.

His educational background and numerous activities beyond his continuing efforts for Ahepa qualify him eminently for elevation to the Supreme Presidency.

Having served with Jim on the Board of Directors I can attest to his loyalty, capabilities, and devotion to Ahepa's principles."

Harry G. Lake
Member, Board of Directors
Order of Ahepa

"I have known Jim Dimitriou for over 30 years, and I have always found him to be a man of integrity, knowledge, and accomplishment. He is not only a most creative person with boundless energy, but also a man with a great desire to protect and further the best of Hellenic culture everywhere. His work in ensuring that Western Civilization remains in the Callifornia school curriculum is one of his great achievements. Jim has done an excellent job in every Supreme Lodge position he has held, as well as every National Committee he has chaired. Dr. James F. Dimitriou will make a great Supreme President."

Steven G. Tripodes
Member, Board of Directors
Order of Ahepa

"Jim has demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities at all levels of the AHEPA: locally, in the District, and in recent years, on the National level. I had the privilege of having Jim as my Supreme Vice-president. He provided the Lodge and the membership with innovative and inspiring membership initiatives. His constant yearning for new ideas to help AHEPA progress is one component of his vision from which AHEPA will benefit in the future."

George Dariotis
Past Supreme President
Order of Ahepa

"Jim Dimitriou brings unique qualities and qualifications to the Order of Ahepa that have equpped him to lead this great organization as Supreme President. While serving as Canadian President on the Supreme Lodge, I worked with Brother Dimitriou to bring focus to the Order of Ahepa through dialogue and new ideas while preserving the best of the past. In my travels with Jim in a number of Ahepa events I was impressed with his leadership capabilities, his ideas for the Ahepa membership, its future and for Hellenism.

Jim brings vision and energy to the leadership of the Order of Ahepa. I will be proud to call him our leader and am confident that he will do us proud!"

James Anas
Past Canadian President
Past Secretary, Ahepa Board of Directors

"It is my honor to proudly endorse Dr. Jim Dimitriou, for the office of Supreme President, of the Order Of AHEPA.

I have served with Jim on the Supreme Lodge and have witnessed firsthand the determination and drive he commands to complete his mission. His efforts were directly responsible for the up surge in membership. An undertaking of determination and ability to lead by motivating and showing us how to achieve this goal.

Jim's concern for the "Grass Roots" membership clearly depicts him the PEOPLE's CHOICE for SUPREME PRESIDENT.

I feel an overwhelming sense of dedication that Jim will lead us in a consciences and responsible style of leadership."

Nicolaos A Trintis
Past Supreme Governor
District # 3
Order of Ahepa

"Dr. James F. Dimitriou has long been one of the most important and influential leaders of the Greek American community. He is a man of broad education and knowledge with great vision and high aspirations.

He is deeply proud of our Greek Heritage, and his devotion and contributions to Hellenism and our Community in general, and to AHEPA in particular, are most impressive and admirable.

In 1974 he was, among his many other accomplishments, one of the founders of the Save Cyprus Council (now called the American Hellenic Council) and he has since been a tireless, staunch and effective supporter of the just cause of Cyprus and all the Hellenic causes.

I have worked with Jim for almost 30 years and I am sure he has the ability and the experience to be both an inspirational and effective leader. I strongly believe that his leadership will provide a milestone in the legacy of Ahepa's many accomplishments."

Andreas Kyprianides
Consul General
Republic of Cyprus

"Ahepa needs the passion, experience and strategy of Jim Dimitriou to lead it through this critical time in its history. There's no more time for fooling around, no time for political games."

Gregory C. Pappas
Publisher, Greek America Magazine

"Dr. James Dimitriou would be an outstanding Supreme President. Jim is a very loyal and dedicated AHEPAN who has contributed so much for so many years. I've known Jim since our days in the Sons of Pericles and without any doubt clearly understands what creative initiatives are needed to revitalize the Order for AHEPA. As the leader of AHEPA, Jim will open the doors to leadership for a new generation, and build a vibrant and promising future for young Americans of Hellenic descent throughout the nation, their families and their communities."

Leon P. Stavrou
Founder and Former Director, AHI Business Network

"Ahepa is at a crossroads of its existence. We will either elect the right people and move forward or will fall into obscurity. It is every brother’s responsibility to take a good, hard look at why we are here.

Are we here to capitalize on a personal agenda, or are we here to promote the best interests of the organization?

My vote for Jim Dimitriou goes way beyond politics and agendas. My vote of support for Jim comes from my love for the organization that my grandfather introduced my father to… three generations ago.

I’m still here, and I hope my children will stay on board. But this all depends upon the course that Ahepa will take in these critical coming years.

I feel certain if my father-- a devoted Ahepan-- were alive today, he’d be proud of my support for Jim Dimitriou."

Thomas C. Geanopulos

Dr. James Dimitriou, Ph.D.
Supreme Vice President
Order of Ahepa

Dear Sir:

It has been my pleasure to know and support your endeavors in AHEPA for approximately ten years, during which time it was my honor to sponsor your campaign for the Office of Supreme Secretary at the Las Vegas, Convention. Following which Brother Manesiotes and the AHEPA First Leadership elevated you to the Chair of the Cyprus-Hellenic Affairs Committee, where you served for ten years, as you were a member at that time of the AHEPA First Party.

In the following years, at Miami, Atlanta, San Diego, New Orleans, and Puerto Rico, I was again honored by your company and was privileged to observe Brother Manesiotes and the Leadership offer you places on the Supreme Lodge which would have also led to the Supreme Presidency. You refused to turn your back on the Reform Party Group, showing the level of honor and integrity you bring with yourself, as an example for all to follow.

As you know, Sayed Jemal Houssein-Afghani is a Stalwart member of the AHEPA First Party and devoted to the leadership of Nick Coffinas, Gus Cherevas, John Plumides, and Louis G. Manesiotes. In this capacity it will not be possible for me to endorse you POLITICALLY. Houssein has the same type of honor and will not vote against the endorsements and Nominees of his Party.

However, It is my distinct intention, to offer you my sincere congratulations on the Nomination for the Office of the Supreme Presidency by the Reform Wing of the AHEPA First Party, which One understands is allied with the New Horizons Group.

One is deeply impressed with your Knowledge, Vision, Strength of Character, Energetic efforts to discover Achievable Solutions, together with your incredible Resume.

I am certainly going to mention your name in my Caucus. But as you know I will have to obtain Party approval to endorse you. Best Warm wishes and don't forget, I am not alone in my good wishes for you.

Sayed Jemal Houssein-Afghani, President
Nick D. Mousmoules Chapter #521
Order of Ahepa
Pasadena, Texas

"The Officers, Board, and Members of the Pan-Macedonian Chapter, "Emmanouel Pappas & Penelope Delta," of Los Angeles, California, enthusiastically support Dr. Dimitriou.

Dr. Dimitriou is a charter member of our chapter in 1984 and served continuously as a Board Member, providing us with valuable advice and his vast experience In all our ethnic Hellenic-Macedonian issues. He has contributed informative lectures during our major ceremonies of the "Demetria" either alone or with the Federation of Hellenic American Organizations. Also, he contributes to each of the celebrations of Greek Independence Day and the 1940 "Oxi" Day. He always exhibits basic intelligent knowledge while helping perpetuate our Hellenic Identity, our richness of Orthodox Faith and Hellenic Culture throughout the three millennia of Hellenic History. We owe a great debt to Dr. Dimitriou and therefore we implore all the Macedonian delegates in the Order of Ahepa Supreme Convention to consider casting a favorite son vote for Dr. Dimitriou a s the Order's Supreme President. We have read his 10 point strategic plan and wholeheartedly agree one hundred per cent."

Dimitri Kokkinides, President
Pan Macedonian Brotherhood
"Emmanouel Pappas" & "Penelope Delta"

"The Saint Gerassimos Benevolent Society of Kephalonia wish to support Dr. James F. Dimitriou in his quest for the office of Supreme President of Ahepa. Dr. Dimitriou assisted our organization for over 16 years, giving us advice, participating in our annual fund raiser, dinner dance while assisting us in our project to complete the building and Iconography of the St. Gerassimos Monastery in Cephalonia. We urge any delegate to the Supreme Convention of the Ahepa to vote for Dr. Dimitriou for Supreme President. We are certain in know the gentleman for many years, that based on his vast experience and service to the Ahepa and Hellenism, that he will lead the Organization in meeting the needs and demands of the 21st Century."

Dannis Kostas, President
Saint Gerassimos Benevolent Society of Kephalonia
(Charter member of Ahepa #426 since 1964)

"The Hellenic Cultural Society wishes to express it's pride in supporting Dr. James F. Dimitriou's candidacy for Supreme President of the Order of Ahepa. Dr. Dimitriou helped establish our society in 1984 and has served as a Board member for 22 years in service of perpetuating our Hellenic identity, our Holy Orthodox faith and our culture.

Dr. Dimitriou's accomplishments make us very proud of his Hellenic heritage (both of his parents were born on the Island of Marmara of the Propontis, part of the Capital of our Great Empire of Byzantine Empire in Constantinople). In the memory of his parents, Dimitriou's pursuit of educational achievement include, graduating Phi Beta Kappa, receiving two Master's Degrees in Economics and Education and a Ph.D. in International Studies. Further, Dimitriou has served Hellenism in many organizations at all levels.

It is an honor for us to endorse Dimitriou as the most qualified candidate for the office of Supreme President of the Ahepa."

Christos Tallieres
President, Hellenic Culture Society

"Jim Dimitriou is an outstanding candidate for President. While serving as Supreme President of the Sons of Pericles, I had the opportunity to work with him and he always had fresh, and innovative ideas for membership, as well as programs that could benefit the Order. His wealth of knowledge of past events helped to give me clearer perspective on things. His drive and determination will make the AHEPA stronger."

George N. Vassilas
Past Supreme President
Sons of Pericles

"It is with great pride that I endorse Dr. James Dimitriou as a candidate for Supreme President.

For those who have crossed paths professionally and were lucky enough to work with Jim, you already know that you will never find a more dedicated, fair, altruistic person to the cause of Hellenism. Jim has devoted his entire life to bettering our ideals from the national level, down to the local community. I would encourage you to click into the biography section, which gives you a sense of the depth of this candidate --- the sort of depth and understanding that our community needs and wants.

Personally, I could not have asked for a better mentor and uncle. To forge my links to Greece and broaden my horizons, Jim encouraged my participation on his “European Odyssey” program at age 18. He helped make my dream of becoming a journalist a reality by guiding me through university and even secured my first media internship through an introduction to another member of our community.

This is a challenging time for us. We are at a generational crossroads. We all want to hold onto what our ancestors, our parents and grandparents tirelessly worked to create, but at the same time look forward with a vision.

Dr. James Dimitriou, without a doubt, is the ideal person to lead AHEPA, lead us into the future."

John Defterios
Group Vice President & Anchor
International Herald Tribune Television

"AHEPA remains the most significant Greek-American organization. You have been part of it for many years and have served with distinction at all levels of our association. Your commitment to service in the Greek-American community and to the promotion of the study of Hellenism and Western Civilization in the public schools will be an important part of your legacy. Your work is even more important at a time of declining resources and a shift away from the study of the importance of Hellenic civilization and culture to our society, culture and institutions."

Van Coufoudakis
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne
and member of the AHEPA Educational Foundation.

"Nouno Jim is what all of my family calls this special, loving and caring man named Dr. Jim Dimitiou. The reason is, because he is not only the perfect Godfather to my daugther, Alexandra, but because he has by his example, shown my family, the true spirit of being a Greek. Nouno Jim shares his devotion as a father, brother, godfather, friend and Greek Orthodox Christian with our family and all the Greek Community. His deep love for Hellenism and his hard work in preserving Hellenic values in the minds and hearts of all Greek and non-Greek alike is a torch of invaluable strength that my family has been blessed with. As a Greek Orthodox mother, I feel privileged to have Nouno Jim in our lives and glad that his passionate work extends to everyone who shares with me the privilege to know him."

Alexandra Papadakis

May 24, 2002

Fellow Ahepans,

I am writing in support of Dr. James Dimitriou’s candidacy for the office of Supreme President of AHEPA. My membership in AHEPA is due to the extraordinary example he has set.

I have known Dr. Dimitriou for almost thirty years, ever since the dark days of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. He was among the first in our community to recognize the need for mobilization of the Greeks of the Diaspora, and was involved in the formation of the Save Cyprus Committee of Southern California. He wrote the first position paper, which provided the historical background of the issues involved in the Cyprus tragedy. It was a most valuable and articulate document that informed and educated the American public about the crimes committed against Cyprus and Hellenism.

When we were establishing the Basil P. Caloyeras Center for Modern Greek Studies at Loyola Marymount University, Dr. Dimitriou gave us his unwavering support. He attended all of our functions and worked diligently to recruit students for our program. The success of the Center is in no small measure the result of his involvement. I also worked with him in launching the Greek Heritage Society of Southern California. This is an organization devoted to the study of the early Greek immigrants in Southern California. The Heritage Society is associated with the Caloyeras Center for Modern Greek Studies and together we have organized many activities for the Greek American public on the campus of the University.

In every one of these activities, Dr. Dimitriou exhibited great leadership qualities, devotion and dedication to Hellenic culture, Orthodox religion and to the Greek American Community.

He will be a fair, vigorous and inspiring Supreme President. He has my wholehearted support.


Demetrios Liappas
The Basil P. Caloyeras Center for Modern Greek Studies
Loyola Marymount University

"I am proud to endorse brother Jim Dimitriou for Supreme President of the Order of AHEPA. Jim is a seasoned AHEPAN with a clear vision for the future. I share his commitment in uniting the Order and increasing our ranks. During these troubling times, we need a steady hand at the helm. As Supreme President, Jim will provide leadership and focus on our mission."

Marcos P. Sivitanides, Ph.D.
Past District Governor (Delta District 16)

Dr. James F. Dimitriou has been an active and valuable member of our chapter, South Bay #426, Redondo Beach, CA, from the time he graduated from the Sons of Pericles. We enthusiastically support his candidacy for Supreme President of the Order of AHEPA because of his many qualifications, including the following key points that describe him:

  • Devoted to our Greek Orthodox faith, and his family.
  • Total adherence to our Hellenic culture and tradition.
  • Broad academic achievement, including graduating Phi Beta Kappa with a Doctorate in International Studies and two Masters Degrees in education.
  • In depth AHEPA experience, including:
    • Supreme Vice-President, 2 terms
    • Supreme Secretary
    • Supreme Treasurer
    • Supreme Governor
    • Chairman of the National Educational Foundation
    • Chairman of the National Cyprus and Hellenic Affairs Committee for ten years
  • Founded, presided or supported many organizations, including:
    • American Hellenic Institute, Los Angeles
    • AXIOS Foundation
    • Federation of Hellenic American Societies
    • Greek Heritage Society of Los Angeles
    • Hellenic American Council (formerly Save Cyprus Council)
    • Hellenic Cultural Society of Los Angeles
    • Kephalonians
    • Marmarinon Benevolent Society
    • Pan-Cretan Association
    • Pan-Icarian Brotherhood
    • Pan-Macedonian Society

His extraordinary background assures his capability of being one of our most outstanding Supreme Presidents, with the vision and skills to lead the AHEPA successfully into the future, and assuring the preservation of the Hellenic culture in America.

Theodore G. Markellos, M.D.
Past President, South Bay Chapter #426
Forty one year member
Order of AHEPA

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Dr. Dr. James F. Dimitriou to be a comprehensive promoter of education. In this short letter I will attempt to enumerate his contributions.

As a creator of new educational content, Dr. Dimitriou the scholar

As a teacher of content, Dr. Dimitriou

As an administrator, Dr. Dimitriou,

As an innovator in education, Dr. Dimitriou,

Scholar, teacher, administrator and innovator The final aspect that makes Dr. Dimitriou a comprehensive educator the current Supreme Vice President of the Order of AHEPA.

Jim Dimitriou has a Doctorate in International Studies, and two Masters Degrees, all from USC.

He has served as an instructor and consultant to many university programs. They include the Pacific Rim Project, and the Global Studies Program.

He has been the Director of the "European Odyssey" Study Travel Program for over 20 years.

He made an interactive educational website for students.

Dr. Dimitriou’s focus seems to be Greek American ethnographic studies, where he is a noted educator and scholar.

He has many works on the Greek American Community. These are books, and even an award-winning film, "The Greeks of Los Angeles."

Dr. Dimitriou is a founder of the Greek Heritage Society, and has served as President of AHI, Los Angeles, Executive Director of the Axios Foundation, President of the Marmarinon Society.

He has been a long time member of Ahepa in Los Angeles. In the AHEPA Supreme Lodge he has also served as Secretary, Treasurer and Governor. He has served as Chairman of the National Educational Foundation, and also Chairman of the National Cyprus & Hellenic Affairs Committee.

Dr. Dimitriou has numerous awards and other recognition. Some of them are being named to the LA Bicentennial Commission and Speakers bureau, and to the L.A. County Leadership Commission.

He has been named "Teacher of the Year," and the California State Superintendent has named him a "Mentor Teacher" for three years in a row.

You can measure the man by the impact. One of his books, “Faces of Greece” is used by over 350,000 students nation wide.

As for the educational web site that he made, it is being used by over 15,000 schools, the most in the country. For that, he was specially honored by then Vice President Al Gore.

Dr. Dimitriou's current efforts in education are centered on re-establishing the study of Greece and Western Civilization throughout the curriculum of our Public Schools.

Gregory T. Kavounas
Attorney at Law

"I have been an active member of AHEPA for 34 years, During this time, I have known many leaders of our great organization. We have been fortunate to have several members rise to the apex of our fraternity who were truly outstanding leaders. None of these leaders, however, has brought to the AHEPA the education and zeal for the organization that I have seen in Dr. James Dimitriou. I have known and worked with Jim for many years in the 20th District. He has been a tireless leader who has given unselfishly of his time and talent. Jim has demonstrated that he indeed has a vision for the Order of AHEPA. We now are at a point in our history that is critical. We must have a leader who recognizes the need to take an active role in halting our membership decline. I ask you to join me in supporting Dr. James Dimitriou for Supreme President of the Order of AHEPA."

Lyle Hochberger
Past District Governor

"Ahepa has traveled that long journey since its' founding some 80 years ago. A road that has been both glorious and humbling, filled with satisfaction and accomplishment as well as failure and frustration.

We have now reached the crossroads of our journey. Which direction we take will most certainly determine our future and now, more than ever, we need a leader with the right programs and the ability to generate a positive foundation for growth.

Now is the time for Dr. James Dimitriou to be elected Supreme President of the Order of Ahepa. On behalf of the membership of the New Horizons Party, it gives me a great pleasure to re-afirm our total commitment to you and your candidacy.

The Order of Ahepa needs you."

Lee J. Millas, Chairman
Steve Tripodes, Vice-Chairman
Nick Alexander, Secretary

"I am extremely proud to endorse and support Dr. James F. Dimitriou for the candidacy of Supreme President of the Order of AHEPA.

Jim has served for two years as Supreme Vice President, Supreme Secretary, Supreme Treasurer and Supreme Governor plus he was the Chairman of the Educational Foundation and the Chairman of the National Cyprus and Hellenic Affairs Committees. He has served these offices with distinction and with strong leadership. He provided the Lodge and the membership with innovative and inspiring membership initiatives.

Jim's website, www.greekfire.org, contains a very impressive biography with vast experience and his very complete 10 point strategy plan including membership as his #1 priority.

This is the time we need Dr. James F. Dimitriou to be elected Supreme President to put to work his broad experience and knowledge to move the AHEPA forward."

Best Regards,
George P. Gabriel, PSP
Board of Directors

"I heartily endorse the candidacy of Dr. James Dimitriou for Supreme President. He has previously served as Supreme Vice President for two years, and this is the year for new, fresh, and positive ideas."

Past Supreme President
Lee G. Rallis

"I enthusiastically endorse Jim Dimitriou for Supreme President of the Order of Ahepa. We are in great need of a visionary leader, who understands where the Ahepa must go, and has solid plans on how to get there. Jim is the right man at a critical time, and must be elected Supreme President now."

C. Steven Georgilakis
Member, Board of Directors
Order of Ahepa

"I strongly support Jim Dimitriou for Supreme President. The Ahepa is in a crisis of rapidly declining membership, which must be reversed immediately. Jim Dimitriou has the vision, experience, and plans to put the Ahepa back on the right track. Jim is the right man at the right time."

Spiro J. Macris
Past Supreme President

"I have known Jim Dimitriou for over 25 years, and he has always been dedicated to Hellenic causes. He has been very successful in accomplishing all of his goals and projects with distinction. Jim is a results oriented person, who is just what the Ahepa needs to lead it now. With his great understanding of the Ahepa, and his comprehensive plans of what must be done, I am confident that he will be one of our great Supreme Presidents."

Nikitas J. Tripodes
Supreme Governor
Pan-Icarian Brotherhood

You should vote for my Dad because:

  • He will go to all the meetings.
  • He's very nice.
  • He tries his hardest and is very involved.
  • He'll answer your questions.
  • He thinks of other people.
  • He cares alot about our Greek heritage, our Church and traditions.
  • He's a great Dad!
  • He is a great teacher.
  • He is very smart.
  • He takes us to Greece every Summer.
  • And he will become a great Ahepa president, so if you vote for him, your vote will be right!

Dimitri Dimitriou, age 10

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